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Dating Romantic

What is the best way to love a man?


Give him the freedom to do whatever he wants. Do not put him in a box. Do not suffocate him by choking him in the neck. The truth is that if he truly loves you, he will never intentionally hurt you. He has a life too. Don't deprive him of it. It's worth noting that once he understands his limits, a little freedom won't hurt.


Reciprocate by making an effort for him as well. Inquire about his day, how it went, what went wrong, and show him that you care. Furthermore, be patient with him.


He'll never be flawless, no matter how hard he tries. He'll be unreliable at some time. He'll get impatient now and then. Not only that, but he'll have a hard time dealing with your mood swings because he gets upset too. His demeanor shifts as well.


He, like you, requires your attention. He, too, requires assurance that he is the one for you. Give him no cause to have any doubts about you.


You must appreciate his decisions and choices. Allow him to be treated with the respect he deserves.

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