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Dating Romantic

The 3 Loves Theories Explained

Theory #1:Lust

Anyone should be able to connect to the sensation of lust. It is pure, instinctual reproduction that originates from the reptilian brain. Lust is a simple yes/no question: do you want to have sex with this person right now? It's instantaneous, and it's based on quite basic physical and behavioral aspects of attraction. Lust might go as fast as it arrived. It is ephemeral and changes over a person's life. It is unattached and unfavorable in any way.

Theory # 2:Passion

The emotional bond that exists between two people is known as passion. It has its origins in the mammalian brain. “Smitten” refers to two people who are enamored with each other. They stare at one other and want to spend every hour of every day with each other, conversing till 6 a.m.

Consider newlyweds and their honeymoons. Consider romantic vacations. Consider the story of Romeo and Juliet. Having a high level of emotional chemistry as well as fostering a sense of "newness" or spontaneity within the relationship helps to create passion. As a result, old married couples plan romantic getaways to renew their relationship's passion.

Theory #3:Commitment

Commitment develops when two people are passionate about each other for a long time and have a long-term compatibility that allows them to share new life experiences permanently. Commitment is an incredibly powerful emotion that arises only infrequently in life. Commitment is accepting and loving the other person's imperfections as well as their strengths. Scientists have discovered that once a couple reaches that level of commitment, their senses of self merge with the other.

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