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What To Know When Your Woman Is Emotionally Detached From You.

1. Draw your boundaries and be a man of your words. Most people who are in love end up forgetting to set them early enough. Regardless of the situation you are in let her know what lines she can or cannot cross.

2. Love yourself too and do what you feel passionate about. Make sure the attention and time you accord to her, you also accord it to yourself.

3. Do your best but when you cannot take it anymore, allow her to leave. This is so to avoid being violent and wasting too much time in a relationship. Never live a life in which you are always stressed and worried about her.

4. Focus on your goals or hobbies to avoid being idle. Remember a woman should be a compliment in your life and not priority. Engage in things that will occupy your mind during this moments.

5. You cannot make an unhappy woman happy. Happiness is ones choice, and you can only complement it to someone.

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