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Divorce Affair

Are They Back Together? Netizens React To Jimal Roho Safi Post For Amberay

Jimal and Amber made quite the gossip news for a while from fights with his first wife to marrying and breaking up in less than a year. This two have been on and off till everyone got confused.

Amberay's birthday notices have been on her social media for almost a week now. The gossip between the two died down when they broke up. Netizens were confused as Amberay was still driving the jeep that belongs to Jimal all along.

Jimal's first wife Amira has been hinting on a divorce on her Instagram and even sold a gift that Jimal got her, an iPhone 13. Netizens keep wondering if he would get back together with Amber if he Amira divorced him.

Jimal posted a video of Amberay wishing her the best birthday and Netizens were very quick to react including Jalango. Take a look at some of the comments.Are they back together or have they just been laying low?What is your opinion on this on and off couple. Kindly share and comment on this article.

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