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Stages of relationship grief after a breakup.

1 Denial stage. When a relationship you have been in for a while ends abruptly the first response that our minds goes to is defense. By doing this we are tying to protect ourselves from any further hurt . In the denial stage we are often holding to the thought that your partner is just angry and they will come around.

2 Anger. After denial it then became clear to you that your partner is serious and does really want to move on. At this point, different emotions are running through your head. Your anger may be directed to those involved ,the partner who ended the relationship. While this phase is important for the healing you should not let it have the best of you.

3 Bargaining stage. We are at this point known what the problem was and you want to turn back and change things . At this point you are desperate to turn things around and guilty of yor role in the breakup .

4 depression stage . Once you have realized that the bargaining is not yielding any results then you start feeling intense sadness confused and overwhelmed. You might find yourself having thoughts of helplessness but it is important that you safeguard your mental space. Tying to go out do activities that will keep your mind off thinking about the other person. This will greatly improve your state of mind and will be a great step towards making a fresh start.

5 acceptance. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are okay with what happened and it is okay not to be completely healed but this is a great step to live with the new normal . Have you been hurt before did you go through all the stages Leave a comment below on your opinion on this topic .

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