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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Beats Her Husband Mercilessly For Failing To Take Responsibilities, Video

Domestic violence has become a song in this Nation. Relationships and marriages are failing daily due to disagreements between partners involved. Recently, it was announced that the rate at which people divorce is high.

A few moments ago, Mike sonko shared a video of a woman beating her husband mercilessly for failing to provide food and rent. In the video, the wife asked his husband to be the man of the house and reduce taking alcohol. This incident happened in front of their kids who were heard crying.

These were some of the comments from netizens;

"Though it is irritating for a mother to have his husband home drunk and with nothing for the family, I strongly condemn the violence of any kind. In this case, the children will grow up in trauma. NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO BEAT ANOTHER." Edra Mbatha

"Women can’t condemn such act through conferences but if it were the reverse, they could be parading their breasts in conferences calling out DCI and all other groups for action." Simon

"Children that grow up under adverse childhood experiences get into adulthood massively disadvantaged... the trauma creates mental disturbances that are difficult to correct... protect children from such violence," Tonny Nyatta

"She his raising genuine reason why her husband should be responsible, the discipline is worth," Lawrence

Watch the video;

What is your take on this?


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