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Signs Your Woman Will Not Last Longer In Your Relationship

There are signs that shows your partner is not going to stay with you forever.When your man is not going to stay with you forever, there are he shows and when your woman is not going to stay with you forever, there are signs she shows.Here are signs your woman is not going to stay with you forever.

1.She keeps on talking about her ex man and still has relationship with another man.She talks about the man who she had relationship with him at first and she is also having relationship with another man.

2.She does not want to touch you or kiss you when she is near you.She does not want to kiss you or touch you when she is sitting near you.She sits far away from you to avoid contact with you.

3.She does not want to spend her time with you and she makes a lot of excuses to avoid you.When you invite her to your home or an outing, she excuses herself so as to avoid spending time with you.

4.She does not want you to have sex with her.She does not agree to have sex with you as your woman.

5.She does not want to introduce to any of her family member and her friends.She does not want anyone to know that you are making relationship with her.

6.She does not respect you.She does not want you to say anything good or bad.She interrupt you rudely while you are talking and she ignores to take an action for what you have said.

7.She does not respect you fully.She keeps on following you everytime to see what you are doing.She does not have faith in you.

8.She spends a lot of your money but she does not love you. She only require money from you always but not showing you love.

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