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How To Keep Your Man Interested.

1. Be Confident.

Men love it when you are sure of yourself and bold. Take care of yourself and make an effort to look good, focus on being more of yourself.

2. Appreciate what he does.

Don't take your man for granted. Let him know you love how he handles himself in stressful situations, or you are grateful whenever he offers an helping hand. He may not show it but that will make him feel good about himself.

3. Be Independent.

You don't want to lose who you are in a relationship or want him to lose himself. If both of you are independent and continue with your way of life, keeping up with your friends. You will both have more to talk about and will learn to respect each other more often.

4. Surprise Him More Often.

As you get to know each other better, get to know what he likes, take note of what gets him excited as he talks about what he likes. Then surprise him with something that shows you were listening.

5. Make Him Feel Like a Man.

Build up his confidence by complimenting him more often, appreciate the little things he does for you. For example when you are on a date and he pulls a chair for you or he opens the door for you. This will boost his ego and he will want to spend more time with you.

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