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Guys, Here Are The Things That Ladies Who Are In Love Tend To Ask

Most of the times guys caught unaware, they are unable to decipher when a lady is in love with them. In as much as ladies have a tendancy of sending out signals to them, guys seem not to get them correctly.

This article is going to unpack some of the things that ladies who are in love tend to do.

1). They ask about your former girlfriend(s)

They want to know how she was and what made the two of you to break up. It is either they intend to avoid the things that ended your former relationships or they just want to establish whether you are to be trusted.

2). Do you have a girlfriend

They will never walk straight to you and ask you this question directly. They will be very subtle with the way they approach you. You should remember that ladies fear heartbreaks so much. They want to be sure that you won't disappoint them towards that end.

3). Your likes and dislikes

When they begin ask about what you like and dislike on all sorts of things that matters to them. From food, sports to fashion sense, hair styles and others, then you should know they are really in love with you.

4). Your Opinion

When they ask for your opinion about their looks, their plans for the present and the future, it means you've been able to earn their respect and admiration. At this stage, you've totally won them over.

Feel free to share with us all the other things you know ladies tend to ask when they are in love.

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Content created and supplied by: Samtoywa (via Opera News)

Content created and supplied by: Samtoywa (via Opera News )


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