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Signs Your Partner Is Not Serious About Your Relationship.

In a relationship it might happen that your partner falls out of love and becomes disinterested. However, it might be difficult to tell if they are not into you anymore. You could ask but they may pretend everything is okay. Below are signs that may confirm your partner is experiencing a change of heart in your relationship.

1. You are clearly not their priority. When one is in a serious relationship, they will always make the person they are dating a priority. It would be better to move on to someone who will be a better match.

2. They have deliberately never introduced you to their friends and family. If they keep you away from the most important people in their lives, it might be a sign that they might not be planning a future with you.

3. Keeps postponing plans or taking a longer time than usual to respond to texts or calls. It could mean that they are not invested in the relationship.

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