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Men, If You Want To Succeed And Progress In Life Avoid Doing These Things To A Woman

Some men at times abuse women by beating them or shouting at them. This is not what a true gentleman should do. A real gentleman respects a woman and avoids this small mistakes.

1. Never fights or hits a woman no matter what she does to him. We know that some men easily get angry and controlling themselves is a problem but you should try. Make self control you habit. A lady should never be hit.

2. A gentleman respects a woman who loves him but not sending them aggressively. It doesn't matter that you don't have feelings for her like she does for you, respect her. Don't avoid her conversations but instead interact with her and let her know you appreciate how she feels about you only that you are not interested.

3. Never make a woman feel bad about herself. This can be by referring to her weakness. It hurts when a person uses you weakness to get back on you. Not just for ladies but other people too, avoid using their weaknesses to hurt them.

4. Lastly, don't be too available for your woman. Most men think that when you love someone you always stay with them. You will become poor my brother. Concentrate on your job and business as usual. Love should not make you lazy. Always remember that you have a future to work for.

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