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Husband and wife relationship

Love and Finance: Advice to all Men

It's just a matter of reasoning and knowing the person you are sharing your heart with. There is a difference between a wife and a fiancee. A wife is someone you know you will probably share your entire life with but a fiancee you're not so sure she will be with you tomorrow. You can't just meet someone today, start dating tomorrow with no future plans together after that and suddenly start paying fee for her.

If you are already married to each other, i mean you're legit wife and husband and have plans for future together then i don't see any problem financing your spouse's education. But if she's just a fiancee, to her you're just a sponsor, she can choose to leave and marry someone else without looking back. If you anticipate that while paying her fee then you are ok with any outcome or else it's murder case in the making.... Bomako

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