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"People Call Us The Ugliest Couple in The World" Meet a Couple That Amazed The World

Madelena and Fradice are burn survivors and they found true love in each other after facing rejection from other people and they got married but many people do not believe they are a happy couple.

Madelena was born with epilepsy, she fell on the fire and got burnt while she was still young. She claims she cannot remember well what really happened but she is lucky to be alive.

Fradice claims that he was born normal but he decided to cook for himself one day when he was still a young boy and since he had never cooked before, he feel on the fire and his face got burnt.

The couple claims before they met each other, it was very hard for them to find true love because no one wanted to be associated with them. Due to rejection, they decided to get a partner who had a similar problem and this is when the two met and got married.

They claim that most people judge their love and they are always calling them the ugliest couple in the whole world but this has never bothered them or even stopped them from loving one another.

The couple claims they are happily married and they are happy they met and they have no regret at all.


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Fradice Madelena


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