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Recommended Ways of Healing a Broken Heart

An ended relationship most of the times leaves a broken heart especially when it ends in a sour note.

Some people find it difficult to mend their wounded, bleeding and broken hearts and move on. Some get stuck on their past and take too long to recover from the traumatizing experience. A heartbreak is very a very painful and depressing moment which may seem to take centuries to recover from.


There are ways which have been recommended to help the victims of broken relationships to recover from the heartbreak, heal their broken hearts and move on with life.

These recommendations are:

1. Forget about the past experience.

It is not easy to forget about an incident that happened , traumatized and almost sent you into a depression. At times you may find yourself stuck on that past relationship, missing your ex, the sweet memories you spent together and feeling the emptiness around you. All these thoughts drag you behind.

Try as hard as possible to forget what happened in your relationship, day by day try not to remember your ex or anything that transpired between you and your partner. "Forget about their existence and move on" 

The faster you forget , the faster the healing process.

2. Don't let emotions control you.

A heartbreak results to very strong emotions like anger and hatred. 

Some people after a breakup, become too emotional, they cry all day and night, they become angry very fast and hate more than they love.

Emotional stress changes the way you think, act and perform tasks.

Grieving is part of the emotions, and leave alone driving away your appetite and sense of humor, it also at times sents you into depression.

All these result due to emotions.

To avoid this, don't let emotions take control and rule. Be strong enough to handle and control emotions, maybe by sharing your situation with close friends, keeping yourself busy to avoid thinking about your experience or engaging in positive activities that change your mind set.

3. Learn how to forgive and appreciate your ex for the good moments you had together.

Forgiving someone is one of the ways of releasing the bottled up feelings that you have on that person.

This relieves you the burden of holding hard feelings, hatred and anger that you have on your ex. When you forgive, it doesn't mean that you go back to your ex, it means you forgive your ex for breaking your heart and then you hold no grudge against him/ her.

Appreciating your ex means being grateful for the time you shared, being happy for such dates you had and hoping for the same moments in your relationship.

Appreciation brings in a sense of happiness which is essential in the mending of a broken heart.

4. Don't move on too fast

Loneliness makes one feel like getting a partner immediately and begin a new relationship. This is not the way to go. Give yourself time to grieve over that lost relationship and heal the wounds and scars in your heart.

Moving on immediately after a breakup is not a good solution. Instead it ends up hurting you more than the other relationship.

It is advisable that you take the healing period, reevaluate yourself, identify the weakness in you, accept the loss and calm down the emotions.

From there you can choose to move on and have a new relationship.

5. Take care of yourself.

The pain of a broken heart affects both physical and mental health. Some people tend to isolate their needs, lose appetite, think all hope is lost and things shall never beel the same again. 

Taking care of yourself means practicing healthy ways of living, avoiding stress , having exercises and taking your meals as usual.

This practice builds you both physically and mentally, helps you think positively and perform your duties of well. This helps you to heal your wounded soul because a healthy mind forgets the past experience faster and brings in a fresh atmosphere.

Therefore whenever you face a heartbreak, don't let the pain kill you slowly, use these tips to mend your broken heart and move on.

Content created and supplied by: Sue254 (via Opera News )


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