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Dating Romantic

How To Build a Strong Relationship.

Respect is paramount when it comes to marriage and relationship. Respect is two ways and you cannot expect to be respected if you don't show respect too. Sometimes marriage turn sour because we make wrong choices when we are dating. We get attracted to wrong people because we think they have what we wanted in live. It's good to differentiate between physical look and character traits of a person. This is the reason why we are encouraged to date for atleast months inorder before marriage. Knowing past is important to determine our future partners and that's why we should dig down to Know each others past.

Sometimes men we fail so terribly after marriage because we think we have achieved and leave wives at villages. This is the time your wife need you more than ever. It's advised that you should find a job to keep her busy than to leave her idle in the village. Ladies are said to be bored by kind of husband who doesn't mind their desires. For a man to make her wife happy, he must be ready to fight and protect her. Marriage means unity and ready to gather wealth together. A strong marriage is always build on trust, understanding and ready to accept corrections. Thanks for reading this article.

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