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7 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Is Usually Lonely.

Strong and independent women tend to live very lonely lives because of their off-putting personalities. A strong woman is not interested in pleasing anyone, craving for the approval of everyone or being branded as a "nice" lady. She has her own expectations set for herself and she's going to care less about being criticized for living the life that she wants to live. Here's a good explanation why such women tend to feel lonely.

1. She is grounded by a strong set of principles that serve as a foundation of her life. It often reminds insecure people of how weak they are and most of the time they are turned off with how steady she is.

2. She is a natural rebel. She doesn't believe in playing by the rules for the sake of it. She's aware that there are certain constraints set by people around her but always likes to question authority. She isn't fond of just doing things the way that they've always been done.

3. She doesn't entertain fake and phony human beings because she has zero tolerance for insecurity. She doesn't waste time on people who don't show their true colours just to protect her from her own feelings.

4. She has a very intimidating and intense personality that can be scary for a lot of people - most especially the ones who are weak and like to lead quiet and simple lives.

5. She doesn't crave for the attention of other people and as a result, no one really gives her their attention. No one really pays her any mind because she does not make any effort to be noticed by anyone at all.

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