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Meet A Family Who Have Been Living In A Toilet For The Last Six Years

A story of a Rwandese family made up of a mother and her four children have taken the social media platforms by storm after it was revealed that they live in a toilet, a lifestyle that they were forced into after their drunkard and abusive father abandoned them.

The mother of four who identified herself as Josyline narrated that her two children occasionally don't go to school for fear of being ridiculed by other children since they don't have a shelter, and the fact that they are dirty.

The husband woke up one morning and claimed that he was going to a place. Josyline thought that it was his normal daily outings, but he never returned. This made their life hard since they could not get any money to pay rent. They were evicted from where they were living, and therefore had no option but living in the streets for over two months.


As Josyline was walking around the village, she found an old toilet and decided to take and use it as their shelter. They improved the toilet by smearing some mud on its walls, and have therefore been calling it 'home' for the last six years. Since they could not fit in the toilet, she had to send two of her children to the village where they live with their grandmother.

In the toilet shelter, the family lacks security, food, beddings, privacy and other humanity essentials, but Josyline has been optimistic of a better future.

To fend for her children, Josyline depends on casual jobs where she farms in the neighbours farms. She says that she loves her job since she is able to get some food for her children and herself as well though not reliable. She is therefore calling for well wishers to come to her aid in getting a proper shelter and food for her children.


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Josyline Rwandese


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