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How To Successfully Get Back Together After A Break Up.

1. Give both you and your ex partner some space. You have to be alone and decide if getting back together is a best decision.

2. Respect the no contact rule. For a period of time you should not call, text or see your ex. Aim to focus and work on yourself.

3. Then later communicate effectively. Discuss with your partner, all the things that were bothering you while in the relationship.

4. Identify your problems. You should be able to work on solving those issues you had while you were together.

5. Focus on your relationship. Avoid thinking about other people or old relationships. Think about your relationship issues.

6. Spend some time together. It could be some place away from other people. Talk about everything you feel the need to.

7. If you decided to forgive your ex, you have to mean it. You need to be sure that you are ready to forgive each other.

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