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Man In Tears After His 'Daughter's' Dowry Was Paid To Her Grandmother

Dowry is any property or valuable item agreed to be given by the groom to the bride of vice verse, at, before, or any time after marriage. Dowry is given based on different customs and believes shared by people.

One man is in tears after his inlaws denied him his daughter's dowry. According to reports from reliable sources, the inlaws paid the dowry to his daughter's grandmother.This is not the real picture of the man.

Further reports say that the father claiming the dowry was not the lady's biological father. He married her mother while the lady was a young child and took care of her, giving him true father's love.

However, the lady's grandmother, took part in caring for her for one month, while she was young. The inlaws, therefore, decided that the lady's grandmother was the right person to receive the dowry.

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