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Husband and wife relationship

Wife From Heaven; "I Will Never Give up on My Husband" Meet a Couple That Amazed Everyone

Emmanuel was born with disability but this did not stop him from living a normal life just like any other person.

He is married and blessed with three kids whom he claims they are everything to him. He claims before he met his wife, many ladies had rejected his proposal just because he was born with disability.

Emmanuel claims he approached his wife and expressed his feelings to her and she accepted to be his wife and now it has been threes years in their marriage and they are happily married.

Emmanuel's wife claims she is blessed to have Emmanuel and he approached her when she had lost hope of living after her husband died and she claims she was very depressed to a point of trying to commit suicide.

She claims she will never give up on her husband no matter the condition. She claims he has been the best husband and the best father to their kids.


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