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If You Are A Christian Looking For A Marriage Partner, Check Out For The Following Key Aspects

Marriage is one of the most important stages in life. Therefore, whoever you enter into a marriage relationship with matters. It is a covenant relationship that involves two people ( a man and a woman) coming together as husband and wife and being bound by vows which they agree to honour all the days of their lives. For Christians, cohabitation is highly discouraged. Christians are advised to marry before settling to start a family. They are also supposed to remain chaste and avoid sex before marriage. The following are some important aspects that any Christian should consider before choosing a marriage partner:

1. Their salvation life

Find out how their salvation life is. You are definitely looking forward to marrying or being married to a Christian. This is important because you are not supposed to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever (2 Corinthians 6:14). Marrying a Christian will make things easier for you because you will agree on most things regarding the Christian doctrine.

2. Their friends

You can know their friends by looking at the people they hang around with. If the friends are ill-mannered, it is possible that they too are not well-behaved. The character of a person can be known easily by the company they keep. Be careful about this because the friend if your partner before marriage will obviously become your friend directly or indirectly after marriage. If you cannot handle their friends or their behavior, you might as well give it a second thought.

3. Their character

At first, you may not know a person's true character. This is because some of them conceal their true character especially when they are out and they know that someone may be watching them. They say that a person's true character can be known by what they do when nobody is watching. While it may be quite difficult to always keep an eye on your intended partner, their character will be revealed with time as you interact with them. This way, you will get to know how they react when they are annoyed or angry, when they are around people and so on.

4. Their commitment in serving God

Commitment is not about being present always. They don't have to be regular choir members. It is not just about being seen or following a routine. Are they truly serving God? Or they are simply "marketing" themselves in the name of service to God.

The intention really matters. You can know if a person is truly commited if they sacrifice their time and even wealth in order to serve God. In addition, nothing can easily derail them or prevent them from serving God.

Some people only serve God in their youth. When they get married, they disappear from the scene or better still, from the presence of God. This simply means that their main intention was to get a partner and they were not really committed in their service to God.

What other important things should one consider when looking for a marriage partner?

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