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6 Things no Woman can miss About Men


Our choice of clothes does enhance our appearance and they can reveal much about our personalities. If a man looks untidy, he will not even have a chance to start a conversation with a girl. However a man with a good sense of style has high chances of getting to start a conversation with a beautiful girl. Also remember, it’s not all about wearing expensive clothes, but your style.


There are a number of haircuts and everyone has their choice. Women too have their choices when it comes to haircuts, the only thing that matters how you take care of your hair and how to make it tidy. Also there are some men who have decided just to go bald, they still look awesome and they are also popular among women

Walk and posture

The way a man walks can reveal a lot about her character, an energetic, ambitious and confident walk attracts women because it shows that the man is successful, he is courageous and he know how to handle trouble. A man who looks down, doesn’t keep his back straight and walks like he is afraid may show some unwanted characters


A muscular body shows that a man is strong, tough and healthy who can be protective and caring. We have heard a myth that say men gain weight when in marriage because women feed them better. However, research shows that both men and women can gain some weight when they are in a happy marriage


This is what most people call today “shoe game”, there are those shoes meant for gentle men and other just for boys. Men should never underestimate the importance of shoes. Women have been known to pay much attention even to small details, shoes are no exceptional. Choose your shoes right to match your outfit and occasion


They also defines our character, if a man has a lot of accessories, it shows that he likes being on the spotlight and making an impression to other people. If he doesn’t have a lot of accessories it means that he does not like attracting a lot of attention and he is more moderate

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