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What Counselor Wamuratha Asked Men To Do To Avoid The Unnecessary Deaths Resulting From Family chaos

Ann Muratha is one of the famous guidance and counsellor in Kenya.She is commonly known as Wamuratha.

Wamulatha runs one of the Inooro FM show on Sundays between 10 pm and 12 am.During today's session, the powerful lady lamented on the act of the men who are taking away their own lives.She says that men have suffered lots of pain and stress that are contributing to some of the unnecessary deaths.Wamuratha asked men to stop piling anger to the extent of finding no meaning of life.She asked men to start ways of solving the family disputes.

However, the professionist in counseling has blamed some of the women for the failing marriages.She says that some of the women fail to recognize and appreciate the potential and position of a man in a family.She says that even if women have higher financial potential than their husbands, they should never disrespect their husbands.

She asked men to point out mistakes made by their wives as soon as they notice them."Must you be pushed to the end for you to talk?" She asked.

She says failure to rectify mistakes at the spot contributes to extreme anger that develops with time.Wamuratha asks men to avoid taking actions that may stagnate the future of their children.Finally, Ann asks men to go back to church to get the message of hope rather than turn to alcoholism.Kindly share your views.

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