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5 Habits Of Ladies That Men Hate.

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1. Silence.

Women are always very strange creatures. They usually experience mood swings. They can be talkative now and in the next minute they are grave silent. Men Hate this habit of being silent. They usually want someone they can talk to. So, whenever you have a problem always feel free to share it with them so as to find a solution instead of muting.

2. Recalling the past.

Almost in every relationship there must be a time for laughter and a time for arguments. During disagreements, some women tend to bring things of the past and relate them to the current situation. You might have talked about it and forgiven each other and it's something that you should erase from your mind because men hate it.

3. Nothing giving personal space to your man.

Life is always full of challenges. Sometimes men want their own time to think about it. Men hate it when they feel like you want to take control of them and their decision. Just remember to give them their space, they will always create some time for you.

4. Talking about your past relationships.

Talking of your exes is usually not pleasing to many men, especially when you talk about it everytime.This is always a turn off for many men because they think you still have some interests in your exes.

5. Not giving them attention.

Ladies, if you are always busy or out with your friends, just remember that man need some time with you. Men have their wants that if you don't meet they will always rethink about the relationship.

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