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Should people who are not married, share their finances?

I recently attended a conference about relationships and the speaker who was married, said something that made me question everything. She said that when dating, couples should not share money as if they are married. She claimed that once you start sharing finances, you will be forced to commit to the relationship even when it gets toxic. At first I thought she made sense but after further investigations, I believe she was wrong. This is why I think so.

The topic about money is very sensitive to every relationship. Both parties should feel comfortable communicating with the other what they feel about money and how they manage their finances. Especially when it is a relationship that is headed for marriage. Everyone has their personal relationships with money and how they spend it. And what works for one relationship may not work for another, so talking to each other about your financial situation is key to building trust.

Some of the most important conversations include, long term financial goals of each party, what amount can be shared and what is too much, whether either party is in debt and whether either party is the bread winner in their family. When these things have been cleared out and every party is happy, then the sharing of finances should not be a problem.

The key issue is to find a healthy balance when taking the step to share finances with your partner. A relationship without conversations about finances is toxic in itself and the notion the money is a conversation for the married, should not be encouraged.

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