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Muslim Preacher Advertises Wife Vacancy For His Son.

Muslim cleric Dr Zakir Naik's has announced that the family is looking for a woman to get married to his 27 year old son Fariq.

The qualities he listed were; practising Islam as per the teaching of the Quran and Saheeh Hadeeth and fulfilling all Fara'idh. Abstaining from all Haraam activities. Performing as much of the Sunnah acts as possible. Virtuous, righteous of good character humble and compassionate. Passionate about Da'wah and spreading the teaching of Islam. He also added that the potential woman should be willing to live in a simple life devoid of extravagance and luxury.

"If you are a father of a girl you think is eligible and who agrees to look into this , I would humbly request you to respond to this post with the required information ,"Cleric Dr Zakir Naik's Wrote.

Okay tell all Muslim friends who are single there is a vacancy here that needs to filled. I think the Muslim Preacher's 27 year old son Fariq is going to get someone.

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