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Top Five Reasons Why University Relationships Do Not Last for a Long Period of Time

Most of University students, fail to have a long lasting relationship due to the following reasons.Young and dumb: The reason why the college relationship do not last is when two adults with adolescent mind fall in love. They both want to have fun, they do not know the meaning of commitment to a partner. After either a boy or a girl doesn't realize that they have achieved their fun they break off. Resources and Money issues: College fellas are generally broke with the exception of a few with privileged families. And you know that girls are observative on the capital factor, which they consider the main one. Infatuation: Some relationship are not build on solid meaningful grounds, the boys just sees a person and admire them, instead of finding a conservative reason to love someone. Due this the relationship just lasts one or even a weak. Trust Issues: When it comes to matters dealing with the heart and feelings, everyone has a different opinion which are built on trust. A relationship is built on some factors trust being the pick of it, in university students they do not consider trust, which brings insecurity, jealousy,envy and anger among the partners. The relationship won't last and its a fact. Between two people: This relationship is only recognized by their study mates, no family or close relative know about it. So the importance in the relationship to the partners is indeterminate . Even if they graduate and part ways, the relationship had no importance to them.

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