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How to become more attractive and make women chase after you

1. Understand your qualities and traits.

We possess a lot of qualities that would attract and intrigue us. One of the best qualities a person can have when it comes to talking to and picking up women is availability. Expressing your intentions of wishing to ask her out will come across without any confusion.

2. Be confident.

Approaching a woman should be both fun and exciting. It is an opportunity to get to know someone new. The difficulty of approaching someone reveals your confidence. Confidence is always considered the best quality in a person.

3. Dress for the occasion.

A part of looking good boils down to knowing how to dress because of where you are going. Music t-shirt, sandals and shorts might be great for a festival or time out on the beach, but that will not work for a night out on the town. Keep in mind some basic fashion tips. Invest in a nice pair of shoes and keep them polished. Shoes should be the most expensive article of clothing you wear.

Keep things simple. Do not overdo the colors and the accessories.

Update your wardrobe. New is good, and every man you see who is well dressed and confident is usually sporting clothes that look new.

4. Make a habit of staying well groomed.

When it boils down to it, humans do gravitate to what they find attractive such as a nice bistro, a wonderful book cover and a lovely smile. We tend to associate positive qualities with what is good and attractive. A sloppy head of hair and untamed whiskers sends the wrong message to others. Keep up with some simple grooming tips. Whichever facial hair trend you follow, keep things tidy. Cologne is helpful but do not over do it.

Pick a barber or hairstylist who listens to your needs and see them at least once a month.

5. Smile often.

Having a good time and being comfortable should be your main goals when going out. A smile signals both these feelings and women will take notice.

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