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Last Painful Words Man Told Her Daughter Before Vanishing Without a Trace

Winnie Wadera remembers vividly how her dad left her together with her mother to an unknown destination never to return. She was four years old then living with her family in Mombasa.

Her dad left the family after a disagreement with her mother. This was a huge blow for Winnie who never understood the last words her dad whispered to her before vanishing without a trace.

“Kwaheri mommy, mimi nimeenda (goodbye, my dear daughter, I have left).” These are the last words that Winnie Wadera heard her father utter to her in 1994 before disappearing in thin air.


She did not comprehend the words but life came hitting on her with her mother when they moved from a mansion in Mombasa to Kisumu slums.

She would later look for her dad while in her second year in college when her mother was unable to foot school fees. Through her aunt, she got him however their relationship was not that cordial.

They would later make amends and are now living under one roof, however, her mother is yet to embrace the man who gave her the only child.

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Kwaheri Mombasa Winnie Winnie Wadera


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