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How to deal with rejection.

We all have to face rejection at one point in our lives. But no, nothing is wrong with us. Rejection is part of life and no matter what you do, you will be rejected. Rejection hurts. Some people even commit suicide, others loose esteem and others grow shells. Here are some healthy ways to deal with rejection:-

Lower your ego. Be humble and accept that you can get rejected. Accepting is the first step of healing from anything. That way, you will anticipate for the next step of learning and healing.

Understanding the whole concept of rejection is crucial. You should know that people project their negativity on others. It is within them. You are perfectly fine and if someone can't come to terms with that. It's their problem and not yours.

Take good care of yourself. Self-care is very important in situations where you are not okay. When dealing with pain, take care of you lest you lose yourself. Eat well, drink lots of water, go for walks, meditate, nourish your soul. Don't let it go to your head

Practice self acceptance. Affirm yourself. Love you. Think of positive things about you. Remind you of the good things about yourself so you don't feel less of a human because someone rejected you.

Spend time with people who love and accept you. This will remind you of how amazing you are and that even if someone rejected you, others still love and cherish you.

Take some time off. Think about yourself and take care of your emotions. Meditate and repel negative energy. This will help you heal. Silence and closure without distractions will speed up the healing.

Good luck!

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