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How To Make Your Lady Be Jealous Of You And Divert All Attention To You

Ladies in a relationship like attention and in most cases they feel good when they are pampered. This is only possible when they get the right person who love and value them.

When a lady finds the man she loves and vice versa, she will be happy and value this man in their relationship. A lady would not like to share her man with other ladies out there. All care and attention should be diverted to her so that she will feel so special. What happens when a lady occasionally sees her man talking and laughing with other ladies around and tentatively ignores her? In most cases a lady will be filled with jealous that will be burning in her heart. She will think her man is leaving her for another lady.

Sometimes men does this as a trick to know whether the ladies they have are sincere or just jokers around. Here are some of the things men does to make their ladies jealous

Ignoring calls and texts.

Ladies will text or call their men and in some occasions the call goes an answered not because the man is busy but because he wants to see the reaction of her lady. The lady can make several calls yet all goes an answered. The lady will feel bad and even think her man is ignoring her because he has other ladies who keeps him busy. This is now jealousy.

Always talk of other ladies in front of her.

No lady will be happy when her man talks of other ladies in front of her especially the success and achievement of those ladies. She will think she is not capable of pleasing her man.

Taking other ladies out.

In most occasions, ladies are taken out by those they love and value. When a lady sees her man talking other ladies out in the name of just"friends " yet herself she has not been included in the list, she will be jealous and cause chaos in the house and entire relationship.

When the man does not have time for her lady.

In a relationship, every partner should always spare some time to bond and talk with the love of her or his life. Time is very crucial in a relationship because it shows whether your partner really cares and values for you. Without this a lady will be jealous and feels left out.

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