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5 Types Of Men You Should Never let go As A Woman.

In modern days where it is difficult to identitify authentic things from fake one, it is difficult to find the right partner for yourself. In this article, I list five kind of a man you should Never let go as a Woman.

1. A Man With Vision.

This is the ability of a man to think about or plan for the future with imagination or wisdom. A man who can make and implement future decision is very rare to find. As a woman who want to stay happy in her marriage, don't marry a man because of his job, wealth and cars. All these material things can fade away if not properly guarded by an intelligent man. A man with vision can accomplish anything you want in this world, he can fulfill all of your dreams. You can get married to a a salaried man and never see his shilling or even get a lift in his car. Be a smart lady and make an informed decision.

2. A Homely Man.

After all is done and finished, you need a man who will always be present when you need him. A man who value his family, the one who can take a bullet for his family. A man who was present when the Almighty was distributed brains. Don't marry a drunken man in the hope that you will change him once you get married. You will never be able to tolerated his annoying traits. Study has shown that a man who is drunken before marriage rarely stop doing so after marriage, in fact, it may worsen to uncontrollable point. Marry a man who knows the importance of a home and not bars.

3. A Man Who Value You.

A man who take pride in you and value your contribution of taking care of his family is worth keeping. As a lady, you should never lower your standard to accommodate the kind of man who disrespects you. Love yourself and others will follow the suit. Don't entertain nonsense into your life. If you know you don't fit into his life, do justice to yourself by walking out of that man's life. You are priceless my dear sister.

4. A Man Who Is Not Ashamed To Show You To The World.

A man who is ashamed to held your hand in public has no right whatsoever to hold you in private. He should be able to walk you through in the village or town with his head held high. Such kind of a man, who is not ashamed to have you in public will never break your heart easily and if he does, he will candidly apologise since he doesn't want to risk losing you.

5. A Generous Man.

A man who can give and help you generously is worth keeping. If a man is not willing to sacrifice anything for your sake, you have got no moral authority to be in a relationship with him and you should cut all ties with him. You need someone who can support you and your family when need arises.

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