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Things You Should Never Do With Your Ex After A Breakup

The time after a breakup is always tough for everyone and it is during this time that most people make mistakes. Some people try to get back to their exes but that is not a good thing to do. You will get more hurt as it will not work. Below are some of the things you should never do with your ex after a breakup.

1. Don't contact him/her no matter the reason you have. Cut your ties completely if you want to be at ease or want to get through the pain of the heartbreak. If you have to contact each other, use a close friend.

2. Don't degrade yourself after the breakup. A relationship ending does not mean the world is over or you will never love anyone again. It is part of the human life and you should move on. You will still be the great person you were even after the breakup.

3. Don't post about the breakup on social media. This is a thing many people do after they have been dumped. It will not help you in any way but cause embarrassment on you. You are giving your friends a reason to laugh at you.

4. Don't do unreasonable things to pay back or make them jealous. Most people do this to get back to their exes. They spend money on other women/men without any thoughts but it will affect you later. When you later realize the things you have lost, it will have been too late.

5. Don't stay in touch with their family. This may sound awkward but it is true. Some member of the family may hold some grudge against you and the family may not treat you with high regards like they used to.

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