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Do women fall for the following in men?

Women have been known to be more selective in love, they hit the headlines each time for they value their men to be special.

Men at the following appearance win the heart of not only beautiful ladies but also the ladies they wish for in life.

Ladies are not only as weak as men but are also selective to their choice i.e.

1. Voice

Ladies prefer the deep roaring voice by men who at least have a soft but commanding deep voice.

Ladies are known for a swift voice and thereby prefer alternative men with deep voice; very few fall for men with low voice and tone.

2.Shaped Beards

The shaving styles kills ladies to earth, they even prefer joining their men for a cut and thus selects an appealing style they admire and wish for.

The beard shape is a contribution to handsomeness in men.

3. Height

Most ladies prefer men taller than them; this is a preference for any help regarding height that they may require at any point of their dating life.

Similarly, height generates a general feeling in ladies that make them glad that they are in reality with their preferred.

4. Muscles

Men's chest, biceps and triceps are a contribution to ladies preference.

At least ladies need to be secured while with their men even during a stroll; This thus adheres to their need for at least muscular men who will probably protect them in case of any insecurity.

Generally, this improves their pride while taking a walk with their men.

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