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She Claims To Love you but She has Many Boyfriends (3 Reasons).

She Claims To Love you but She has Many Boyfriends (3 Reasons).

There is this one girl that you have been dating for a period of time now, she claims to love you truly but the number of boyfriends she has, keeps you worried.

Today we are here to let you know the reasons why she has other boyfriends even though she claims to love you truly.

Well, it sometimes difficult to understand the fact that you are the main in her circle when there are many other abled guys who you think are capable of taking over any time.

We want you tell you to forget about your doubts and listen to this content today. Most of the guys are going through the same challenge.

Now, that you are here, we have the following reasons as to why she claims to love you but she has many other boyfriends around.

1. She is so insecure.

Well, insecurities in relationships is always a big problem and one step mistake, you could end up letting go of each other.

The reasons why someone becomes insecure in a relationship is because they are so desperately in love.

Now, the reason why she will get herself other boyfriends is for her to feel comfortable just in case tomorrow things don't go well between the two of you.

Those boys around are going to give her comfort and she won't feel the pain as she is expected to. That is the reason for her having those boyfriends.

2. She doesn't feel safe having female friends.

Some ladies grow up with such a mentality that they can never be around girls like them simply because of their own perception about girls.

The fact is that, girls are always poor at keeping secrets. So it becomes difficult to trust them with your own secrets because it is finally going to leak.

Due to this reason, it becomes difficult for such a woman to have fellow females as friends because she doesn't want her secrets to be leaked.

3. Security purposes.

Another thing that you need to know about guys is that, we are always masculine and any disrespect can never be tolerated.

We either solve it with a fight or an argument. Now, because she knows that boys are always mascular, she wants them around to help conquer her enemies.

She just feels safe while in that friendship with the boys. Therefore, you have to realize that there is nothing fishy going on between them.

Continue with your plans on dating her. She will never disappoint you. Stop the worries and know that your love is safe at hand.

We hope it makes sense to you at this point. Feel free to follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and comment.

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