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3 Reasons Why Women Avoid Serious Relationships

Often the end goal of many relationships is what is best for both partners, whether they are married, formed, or living together. Regardless of how a relationship begins, with or without a clear indication of their intentions, when a relationship requires a deeper level of commitment, it will come when one or both partners demand more from the relationship, and one partner feels it. Or, if he is not ready, he risks breaking off the relationship. Here are three reasons why women avoid serious relationships.

1. Uncertainties

If a man proposes to move on to the next stage in a relationship, and a woman refuses, it is probably because she still has doubts, fears, worries and concerns about this man.

2. Hoping for someone better

Other women refuse to connect with their partners because they tolerate the best people in love, finances, etc.

3. Unresolved issues

Sometimes women don't want anything more because they are happy with the level of relationships they have and they are in the building stage, most of them are struggling with life's problems, reliving the unresolved pain of the past.

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