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Signs of A Gold Digger

Signs of A Gold Digger.

If a person gets into a relationship to get your wealth, then we can call them gold diggers. . The gold digger doesn’t have an honest emotional or physical attraction to their partner. How can you tell that one is a gold digger? 

1. Appreciates only expensive gifts.

Gold diggers appreciate gifts with high monetary value. They may even turn down your flowers. 

2. Their friends are gold diggers. 

Some people date or marry rich, and also older men for wealth. If your partner has such friends, she might be the same type. 

3. They are curious about your financial situation. 

Asking a partner about the financial situation in marriage or relationship is okay. However, the question should not be on the first or second date as it may be a red flag that you are dating a gold digger. 

4. They never pay. 

Spending on people we love or are attracted to is absolutely fine. However, it should be two-way traffic. If your partner chooses never to pay, it should be an indicator of how things will turn out in the future if you become serious. 

5. They have a sense of entitlement.

The gold-digger believes that they don’t have to work for anything. They are entitled to whatever they want. They don’t share a need to pitch in for the greater good of the relationship.

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A Gold Digger


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