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5 Strange Things a Girl Does To Show that She Secretly Loves You

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Every girl has a man in mind that she has a crush on. She might be scared to reveal it but deep down in her heart she knows that the love she has for this man is real and incomparable. She will therefore do some things or behave in a manner that suggests she is in love with the man. A wise man will therefore be able to know that this girl is actually in love with him and therefore will do everything possible to make sure that they have mutual feelings. It happens that the feeling is not mutual then he will tell her his decision so that she can move on. She will therefore do the following things to indicate that indeed she loves the man;

1.     She will always take sides with while you are in discussion with other people.

This girl will not only take sides but will argue to support your point or suggestion. She will never disagree with whatever you suggest or say in a group. She will never want to disagree or have a contrary opinion since she loves you so much. In that case therefore you will be able to know that the girl loves you secretly.

2.     The girl will always touch or walk close to you.

When you are having a walk, the girl will always touch your hand, hug you more often and even tap your should since she is in love with you. By doing this, you will be able to know that the girl is in love with you. A woman will always do these with expectations that you will know the kind of feelings she has for you and therefore be in a position to propose to her.

3.     She is pleased with everything about you.

She will always give positive comments like how good you appear and such like comments. The girl will always smile at you every moment she glances at you. In this way, you will be able to know that indeed the girl loves you so much. The girl will always be in love with a guy who impresses her.

4.     She will dress differently, change her hairstyles and behave differently.

All these are aimed at catching your attention. A girl does not just apply make up, dress well, go to salon anyhow unless she has a hidden agenda. She will do these in order to impress you and make you feel attracted to her. In case you are interested in her therefore, she will be happy in you finally approach her.

5.     The girl will show jealousy when other girls flirt with you.

She will not feel any way better when other ladies flirt around you. The girl will be near you specifically to protect you from talking to other ladies. This does not mean she is insecure but it is normal for a lady to be jealous especially when you give more attention to other ladies whom she suspects to be having the same agenda as hers.

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