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Husband and wife relationship

How to Tell That Your Wife Disrespects You

1. Making fun of you is her favourite thing.

Whenever your wife meets her friends or family members and makes fun of you in your presence, it means she is not respecting you enough. If she does this sometimes, then it might be tolerated. Such disrespect from your wife is emotionally draining. You could feel depressed and even isolate yourself.

2. She tends to complain a lot.

No matter what you do, your wife does not seem to get satisfied or happy. It is as if nothing you do is good for her. She is always nagging you to become a better person and complaining about things that should not even matter in the first place.

3. She fails to listen to you.

Since she has lost respect for you, it is very much possible that she does not even have the courtesy to listen to you. She will give excuses to avoid talking to you.

4. She leaves her responsibilities.

A disrespectful wife will not make any efforts to share the responsibilities of family life with you. Whenever you will try to approach her regarding her responsibilities, she will cook up some defence. She might also shun her duties because she hardly cares about your opinion.

5. She keeps secrets from you.

After marriage, you both are supposed to know about each other’s lives completely. Both of you are expected to share not only your dreams but also your failures with each other. If your wife keeps secrets from you about her personal life and you get to know about them from someone else, do pay heed to this sign.

6. She flirts with other men in front of you.

The fact that she is married to you does not stop her from flirting or becoming romantic with other men and right in front of you. This means that your feelings no longer matter to her any more. This is highly disrespectful in any relationship. When flirting crosses the line it is really insulting for you.

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