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Husband and wife relationship

Things you should avoid once you are married.

As a married woman or a man in marriage , the following are things that are unnecessary to be engaged in or to participate in.

1. Avoid alcohol as soon as possible.

Alcohol won't be a good good drink for a married couples. For Women it can interfere with the unborn baby still in the womb. The baby might be born blind or with other inabilities. For the men , they should probably not drink at all , but if they do they will end up assaulting and beating up their wives and kids. This is also to keep their relationship healthy.

2. Avoid bad company.

Choose your friends wisely, not the ones you will later regret because of this or that. As a married couples they should be most friendly with their parents, family members, religious leaders, and the friends that the couple trusts the most. This is because in case of any misunderstandings they can seek advice without any difficulties, and solve the problem once and for all.

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