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Ladies, Here are Questions you Need to ask Yourself Before Saying "yes I do" to a Man.

Marriage is a life time engagement. The couple entering my into it takes an oath of staying together their whole life.

Before accepting a marriage proposal, a woman needs to consider the following;

Are you ready for this life time commitment?

Marriage is good in the first and early stages of the honey moon before the reality dawns on you.

Photo courtesy: a man proposing his girlfriend.

Are you compatible with your partner?

A couple should be study each other well before taking the vows to ensure they are compatible with each other.

Some people hide their true character during courtship period.

Do you have the same goals?

If you do not have the same goals and interests, your relationship is likely going to experience constable conflicts.

Have you made good decision and agreed on the right time to start having kids and the number of kids your would like to have?

You also need to ask yourself whether you have studied his family in the right way in terms of culture beliefs and religion.

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