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Don't Be Anyone's Secret, Single Ladies

It's never a good idea to be someone else's option. Both you and his wife will be slept with by him. He isn't ashamed of it, either. He won't let you sleep with another man, though. Nonetheless, he will never abandon his wife in order to be with you. He is not permitted to stay the night at your residence. He is devoted to his wife. You won't be able to accompany him on vacation, and you won't be able to attend any of his events. Why would you want to be a part of someone's private life?

Although you are his baby doll, you will never be his top priority. The show is run by his wife. His children are his greatest joy. He keeps his schedules hidden from you. He shows up at your door whenever he wants. Non-mistressed girls are happier than you. When they want, they can hang out with each other or with boys. Your decisions have enslaved you. Loneliness and remorse that you inflict on yourself are fatal.

You think about him a lot, but he doesn't think about you nearly as much. Like an useless fly on his coat, you're simply his dirty little secret. Because you can never expose the affair, your family thinks you're single. You're well aware that no rational person will support your position. You're the biggest loser in the end, despite how much you both utilize each other. It's impossible to be the other lady. It's not a game for self-centered people.

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