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The stronger the woman the healthier the family

Starting from the garden of Eden a man was the head . In the 19th century the work of a woman was procreation and taking care of the husband . A woman was there to be seen not to be heard.

When you sit down and wonder how things are diversely changing accros the world you can have depressions. Probably when you are put to sleep for 20 years. When you wake up things would have changed a lot. From the phone you are using to the clothes people are wearing

"What a man can do a woman can do it better " nowadays when you walk to an office you will find 40-45% of the women occupying the best positions while men do shoddy work like kufagia, kubeba mizigo and being sent here and there like a slave. Women are working so hard to make ends meet.

Back in your house at what time do you sleep as a man . immediately after supper if am not wronf, you don't even know some programs kwa TV ulinunua what a pity.

When a woman says she is going to bed, it will take like 30 minutes for her to make it to bed rather than a man who goes direct to the bed

Children are having strong affection with the mother than the dad.Dad ni wakubuy gifts. And you buy after receiving pressure from your wife.Men need to wake up and make time for their family. No wonder nowadays women are finding it easy to live alone as compared to the previous decades. In fact successful women date because of the society but not because they want it. She is dating because she scarred of her aunt who will see that she is having a proble.

Ever wondered why the dinosaurs are extinct? Nature did not comply with them. What do I mean men are at risk of even marrying. Single mums are very strong and knows how to raise their kids. Unlike men.

Let me know what you think about the future families in the comment section. Don't forget to follow my profile for more educational infomercials

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