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Husband and wife relationship

Here are 15 Categories of Wives. Number 1, 10 and 13 are Very Annoying

There are different types of wives just as there are different types of people and personalities.

Below are 15 such types sampled on the behavior portrayed by the wives.

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Which category do you belong as a woman? Which category does your woman belong to?

1. Nagging wife

She nags at her husband over any slight mistakes, insult him, ridicule him, she blames him for any predicament in the home and threatens him with divorce, she is harsh,she hits her children with anything available, she is a terror in the home.

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2. Ungrateful wife

She has never seen any good reason to appreciate her children& husband even when her husband is trying hard to see how he can provide for the household, she feels it is his right to provide for the home so why should she thank him.

3. Stingy wife

All she knows is to get from people, she can never give out, she hides her money, she finds it difficult to even buy things for others in need, all what she knows is receiving from others and saving to the detriment of her marriage.

4. Lazy wife

She finds it difficult to clean the home, she won't take care of herself, nor the children, her children's finger nails are as long&dirty as anything, unwashed clothes piled up, lazy to bath for her kids, she ties wrapper all around in the neighborhood gossiping about things that does not concern her, she prefers to buy food outside than cooking a sumptuous meal for her husband and children.

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5. Uncultured wife

She talks anyhow to her husband, insult him,hiss at him, calls him different humiliating names, idiot, fool, stupid,useless man.etc

6. Disgraceful wife

She disgraces her husband in the public trying to justify her own self, so that everyone will know her husband is not good enough.

7. Prayer less wife

She has no time for God, no time for quiet time, she doesn't pray, she grumbles when the time for prayer session is becoming too long.

8. Workaholic wife

She does not play with her business,she spares no time for herself , she has no time to rest, she works from Mondays to Saturdays, the only time she has for herself is when she is sick and the only time she remembers God is on Sundays.

9. High class wife

She attends every party, she can go to any length to get those expensive designer clothes,she spends more time making up her face, her nails. Her children's outlook appearances are more important to her than their inward appearances.

10. Betraying wife

She betrays the trust of her husband, she has a relationship outside her marriage, she is not content with what her husband gives to her,yet she denies the affair she is having outside her marriage.

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11. Pompous wife

She is proud, she looks down on anyone who is not up to her standard,her look &her gestures are enough to communicate who she is to everyone around her.

12. Non accommodating wife

She detests visitors, if her husband is the accommodating type, she keeps telling him, please send all those visitors away, they are disorganizing my home.

13. Childish wife

She cries over everything, she is immature, can't take decisions on her own,she can't fight battles on her knees, she reacts childishly to any situation, she opens up every secret between herself and her husband,&her in laws

14. Record keeping wife

She keeps record of offences of her husbands, friends and she always promise to pay them back in their own coin/ retaliate.


She puts God's first, she fears the Lord, fear to dishonor God & her husband, her children are well known any where they are.

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She teaches them more about God, she sees that her children learn how to pray, right from their tender age.

She manages her money well, instead of buying junks for her children , she spends the little on her buying nourishing meals. .

She is courteous and respectful.

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