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Simple Ways To Punish Your Woman Without Beating Her

There are best ways to punish your partner without beating her.You can punish your man in different ways without fighting and in the same case you can punish your woman without beating her.Here are the best ways to educate your woman without beating her.

1.Stop speaking to her.When you love your woman,you talk to her well.Both of you sit down and discuss about your family and your future.But when your woman has done a big mistake to you, stop speaking to her.She will regret herself.

2.Stop spending your time with initially when you love a woman, you spend a lot of time with her.You play together and touch one another.When your woman has meshed, you should stop sending your time with her.Go out and visit your friends.

3.Stop facing her directly.When you truely loves your woman, you look directly to her eyes when she is talking.You maintain your eye contact with her.When she has done mistakes to you, look aside while she is talking or you should not look her while you are talking.

4.Stop respecting her as usual.Sign of loving your woman is by respecting her.You listen well to what she is talking and take action for what she has said.If you notice she is meshing you, do not listen to what she is talking of take action for what she has said.

5.Stop giving her gifts.Cancel all the gifts you had used to give her during her parties like birthday party.

6.Stop helping her to do her work.Be busy at your work.Stop helping her in her work.Just concentrate on your work.

7.Stop sleeping with her.Change the room and relocate to next room and leave her alone in that room.

8.Hide your phone and password from her.If you had given her your password, change it and deny her your phone.

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