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Divorce Affair

How to Resolve Money Conflict in Marriage

Money is one of the topics that should be taken seriously especially when you get married . Before you say I do with your partner you should take your time and discuss when you come together how are you going to split the bills your income and other important money related issues.

You should have a counsellor whom you seek guidance incase you start experiencing money issues in your relationship. Finding a neutral person who will meditate without judging is important to help you before the situation becomes worse which may lead to divorce.

You should open up to your partner whenever you want to spend a large amount of money from your joint revenue. Having an open discussion with your partner on matters concerning loss of job or even spending a large sum of money from your Joint income will prevent you from having repeated arguments which is not healthy for any relationship.

What is your opinion on involvement of your partner in financial discussions leave a comment below .

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