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5 Things To Never Reveal To Your Partner

Once you are in a relationship you would always want to open up to your partner.Well communication is a major factor between two people who want their relationship to last longer, but that does not necessarily mean you have to tell him or her everything. You should never tell your partner these 5 things;

1.Telling your partner about someone who has a crush on you.

Opening up to your lover that someone told you that you are attractive is one way of creating trouble in your calm relationship.

2.You found someone attractive.

It is normal finding someone attractive and you should not be ashamed, however, you would always create jealousy, hatred and break ups if you tell him or her about the attraction.

3.Your family hates your partner.

Never tell your lover about your family’s opinions about them. It’s always hurting hearing that your partner’s parents don’t like you.

4.You still have feelings for an Ex.

This can happen at a time you just joined a new relationship after ending the previous one. It’s a time you are recovering. You would always find yourself having complicated feelings for your ex which is totally normal but unhealthy to tell you current lover.

5.You snooped through their stuff.

Snooping through you partners stuff is a dreadful, terrible and real bad idea, if you do please stop.

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