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4 Ways to Live Independent in a Romantic Relationship

Hurray! There we go. To live a normal life with your partner without conflicts requires total commitment. Importantly, how you understand and learn from where you've mess up and how you solve your problems.

However, living independently even when in a happy relationship is as healthy as diet. We don't need to be co-dependent to each other but rather to live interdependent. How?

1. Find out what's important aside from your relationship.

We find us focusing our energy on maintaining our relationships forgetting a lot of positive opportunities that can build our lives.

Like our hobbies, friendships, passions, etc. We simply stuck in one position where we can't even begin anything that helps us transition.

Later for the sake of any inconveniences like break ups, we find ourselves empty with nothing to start on. Completely confuse on how to strategize our daily habitation since we've already adapted to be together.

2. At least once in a while, hang out with your friends without your partner.

Usually we miss our friendship because we focus ourselves on our partners, something which is normal. But at times this affects our habitation since you somehow feel the need to be around your friends whom you share a lot of fun or stories.

Having time with friends ventures us with ideas and life opportunities that you might never anticipated.

3. Learn to love yourself.

Let affairs be an open relationship where you can work on improving each other and by also caring yourself.

Relationships doesn't need to be one sided because it'll mislead your personal life to a horror experiences. Something that will bother your progress if can't realize as soon as possible.

4. Understand to live interdependent rather co-dependent.

A happier couples are those who can make the relationship better by how they treat themselves without the presence of the other partner.

It builds a perfect foundation because nothing can be impossible since you've both already adopt the nature of maturity.

Co-dependent may bring blames and laziness in the relationships where you demand much from your partner forgetting your worth is also required.

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