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Reasons Why Married Men will Never Leave Their Wives for side chicks

Cheating is a common behaviour among some married men. But do you know that, despite the number of women they cheat with, they will never leave their wives? These are the reasons why;

1. They fear losing their respect

This men are highly seen as important people in the society. Thus they are highly respected due to their wives. This makes it difficult to settle on their side chick and abandon their wives. The man despite having that marriage ring, will never remove it forever due to that standard he is in.

2. Wives never supervise them

This means the wives never makes a follow up to know whether her husband is cheating or who he is cheating with. She is free to welcome him home when he comes back. This will make him really to avoid regular conflicts this making them to love their wives more.

3. He romantically loves his wife

Before anyone makes a step to marry, there exist love. These men married because they loved their wives more than any one else, therefore incase they fall in love with another woman just know they will not leave their wives. And in this case they us the side chick just for fun during that period of time.

4. They care for the children too.

These men have children with their wives who keeps the bond between them and they will not be happy when the kids grow in a divorced family. They take care of these children as well as their wives. In case they go out of their house they remember about the kids and change the mind to just stay with their wives.

Thanks for reading. Do you agree with this as an individual. Let me hear from you too in the comment section.

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