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Opinion: How To Tell If A Girl Loves You

When a lady gets attracted to you, she will want you to date her but she won't tell you. However, by just looking at her, you can tell that she loves you. In this article we will look at some of the signs ladies give when they are in love with you.

1. She will open up about her past relationships. It is not easy for a person to tell another person how their past relationship was unless that person is very important. If she has opened up to you about her past, then know that she loves you and will not hide anything from you.

2. Her behavior when around you is romantic. She might not reveal when people are around but when you two are alone, you can tell she is in love with you. Her language and actions are all romantic.

3. She will post your photos with her on her social media to tell her friends you are hers. She won't quote that she loves you but this will tell. She wants people to know that she loves you and no one get closer to you.

4. She calls or texts you at latest hours. Only a girl who loves you will sacrifice her sleeping time just to talk to you. She will always want to talk to you and this is a clear sign that she loves you.

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